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"Increased job satisfaction means increased job performance"

Our success is envisaged in the ability to build and retain highly-qualified and self-driven professionals, thus providing our clients a competitive edge. Our clients have realized the advantage of associating with us, and the credit for this goes to our diligent resources. BOB consists of a team of great minds striving to build a global software company, which would give our clients a total peace of mind.

BOB honors innovation, encourages individual talent and enthusiasm. Employees are proud to be a part of our working environment where every challenge is transformed into a meaningful achievement. We have established well-tuned systems for compensation management, employee performance monitoring, organizational policies and procedures, to shape employees’ careers and to steer it in the right direction.

"About BOB eProcure, our sister concern - "

‘e-Auction’ is our product designed to provide e-procurement solutions across domains to various medium- and large-scale enterprises. Simplicity of use while using high-end technologies based on an open source configuration, are some of the key features which enable us to deliver process-driven robust e-procurement solutions to our clients across industries like Construction, Insurance & Banking, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Automobile, EPC, Iron & Steel.

Need-specific customizations and robust back-end processes are an integral part of our efforts which help us in providing our customers with a complete B2B solution delivered on a SAAS model of engagement. The SAAS model enables our clients to use 'Sourcing as a Strategy' while ensuring cost optimization, smaller procurement cycles, higher negotiation power and better vendor relationship management.
BOB eProcure provides a comprehensive procurement solution and a strategy. Our solution is built on an open architecture and hence is compatible for integration with any web based ERP/CRM and the overall procurement strategies and procurement eco system.

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